Lyrics and Kebabs

8 Apr

Group gaze longingly at the giant choc mudcake, donned with so many sparklers it looks like Sydney Harbour on NYE.

A loud, boisterous Happy Birthday erupts and since we’ve all had approximately 24 too many drinks, we think we sound awesome. In fact, we are pretty sure we’ll be asked to sing for the Pope on his next visit. 

 It gets to the point where everyone looks around anxiously. ‘Fuck, whose gonna start the ‘HipHip Hoorays’?”. Finally someone steps up to the plate,  followed with relieved HOORAYS…

Girl 1: Bravo! I thought no-one was going to  Hip-Hip!

Girl 2: Thanks, it was my first time but quite invigorating.

Girl 1: That’s what she said.

Girl 2: What?

Girl 1: Nevermind…

Boy 1: Yeh, good Hip-Hipping! For a moment there I thought you said ‘Habib hooray!” Hahahaha

Crowd joins in with laughter. Girl 2 looks confused.

Girl 2:  What’s with you fuckers? I did say Habib.  Isn’t that what it is?

Girl 1: …….

Girl 2: What?! Oh is this one of those things you’re going to give me shit about for the next 10 years of my life?

Girl 1:  Shutup and get me a kebab with extra hommus.

Girl 2:  Oh, for fucks sake. Now I’m kebab girl?

Girl 1 : And a side of tabouli, snap snap.


One Response to “Lyrics and Kebabs”

  1. James April 12, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    I would have given an arm to witness this first hand. Amazing!

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